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We Stand for Liberty & Justice For All. We stand for Liberty and Justice for our military, first responders, and medical professionals, "super citizens" in these times, who deserve reasonable accommodation and respect from government, not added burdens. We stand for Liberty and Justice for our American free enterprise system, the economic engine that rewards the toil of its workers and has made America the most prosperous nation in history. The free market and those who make it work deserve a government that respects their God-given and constitutionally protected rights. We, many of whom are vaccinated, on behalf of our military, our first responders, our medical professionals, and our free enterprise system and its workers, each of whom is essential, we the undersigned find that extreme vaccine mandates that flout our constitution, violate the legislative intent of our South Carolina statutes, and oppress our businesses and essential workers by making a mockery of bona fide religious accommodations must not stand. We call on our state government to hear our appeal, and act on our demand that our representatives work to protect the rights of our citizens who are being unjustly forced to choose between obeying arbitrary government policy and providing for their families.


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